Lines on Rainy Season

It is really a hell of a task when you have to jot down a few lines for your younger one over any random topic- here the topic is “Lines on rainy season”, what would anyone do in the first instance? – is Google. That’s what I did when I needed to write a few lines on Rainy Season, and I know everyone else would do. That’s how this idea of putting these lines here as per the requirements for different classes. So here we have the lines On Rainy Season For Nursery, Kindergarten and for Grade-1

Lines on Rainy Season for (Nursery) 


  1. Rainy season is also called the Monsoon season.
  2. It starts in the month of July and ends in the month of September.
  3. The plants look greener and the flowers bloom during the rainy season.
  4. We can see dancing peacocks during the rainy season.
  5. Children love the rainy season as they get to play with the rain.
  6. Jumping in the muddy puddles is their favorite player.
  7. Farmers wait for this season as it is good for crops.
  8. I love the rainy season, it’s my favorite season.

 Lines on Rainy Season for (K.G.)


  1. Rainy season is loved by almost everyone as it comes after hot summers.
  2. In India, it starts from the month of July and stays for three months long.
  3. Plants, trees, and grass look greener and very attractive.
  4. We enjoy eating lots of fresh fruits and well ripe mangoes in this season.
  5. Farmers look forward to this season as it is good for the crops.
  6. Sometimes beautiful rainbows can be seen as the Sun shines after a rainfall.
  7. Rainy season is mostly loved by children as they love to play and dance when it rains.
  8. Rainy season brings along fear of infectious diseases.
  9. One should avoid eating outside and take care of the hygiene.
  10. Rainy season is mostly loved by me and my friends as well

    Lines on Rainy season for (Grade-1)


  1. There are 5 seasons in India- summer, spring, monsoon, autumn, and winter.
  2. The monsoon season is called the rainy season.
  3. It starts in the month of July and ends in the month of September.
  4. During this season pleasant winds blow. The sky is overcast.
  5. When it rains we see the lightning and hear thunder.
  6. We use an umbrella; wear a raincoat and boots to protect ourselves from the rain.
  7. Peacock loves to dance during this season.
  8. Children love to splash water and jump into the puddles.
  9. Light rain is called a drizzle.
  10. Heavy rain is called for pouring.
  11. Monsoon season brings a lot of common problems along with it.
  12. Waterlogging on roads is a common sight.
  13. Traffic snarls/ jams are caused due to rain.
  14. Flies and mosquitoes spread a lot of diseases.

* So we must avoid eating street food from the hawkers.

* Always keep yourself clean and free from germs by washing your hands regularly.

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