What is the meaning of Independence for Today’s Youth

Our country had got its freedom from the British Rule 72 years back but there have always been debates and discussions on the freedom status of our country. The meaning of Independence for today’s youth is different. The citizens feel that though they have attained freedom years back yet they aren’t free from the shackles of the society. Freedom is a very subjective term and hence every person has their own definition of freedom. It’s never possible that all the people can feel free under the same circumstances, but the usual meaning of the term is to be able to do what honorable citizens of a country would wish to do. As per the current situation the people of the country are not very satisfied with their level of freedom. This dissatisfaction has arisen out of many available reasons like – corruption, gender inequality, crime and various other facts which prevail in our country and are meant to help one person but suppress the rest of the nation.

Living without fear- Meaning of Independence for today’s youth

Meaning of independence for today’s youth is to be free and fearless. According to the youth, the country should not constantly be living under the rape schedule? Men and women should be equally fearless. Neither the men should be scared of their responsibilities that society expects from them nor the women should think twice before befriending a male or going out of their houses? Citizens should have a control over their lives from traveling in metros and taxis to choosing the government. Nothing should be thrust upon them without their wishes.

Freedom to Choose – Meaning of Independence for today’s youth

The Youth aspires for a situation in which they have the independence to decide, what they want to do without thinking twice about the consequences. In an Independent country going out late in the night or going for a morning walk early in the morning should not be a matter of worry. Whereas we all know that not all the citizens can enjoy this freedom in certain cities of the country as per the present situation goes. Men and women should not be judged on the basis of the choices they make, about the kind of people they are. Their life belongs to them and they should be free to choose¬ how to lead it.

Not facing any Bans – Meaning of Independence for today’s youth

The youth today is of the opinion that the government should not solely decide to ban things whatever the government thinks is not appropriate for the country and its citizens. This cannot be called a state of freedom at all where you do not have a right to choose about doing things your way. Bans over movies, documentaries can never help the country to grow. However, it is always the discretion of the government but a proper way should be used to exercise this, which is acceptable to the people.

Being accepted the way we are- Meaning of Independence for today’s youth

Acceptance by the society and the people of our society is another form of freedom for the youth. There are many people who don’t approve the ways of today’s youth and condemn their ways saying that they are under the western influence or don’t approve of them being able to make choices for themselves. Youth wants to break away from such prefixed mindset of people. They want the freedom of choosing a partner, the field of work they want to choose, or the kind of country they want to live in, these rights should not be denied from the citizens of a free country.

Freedom may be a subjective term, yet everyone in this country has a right to feel free. The youth should not feel estranged in their own country. They should not be judged on a certain basis on their own soil. Knowing the fact that the youth is the future of any country and the country has large expectations from them. The country has to adopt ways that can lead it to become a progressive Nation rather than becoming regressive day by day under the influence of the rigid mentality that needs to be changed unless the youth has to bear the negative consequences of it.