Spending Quality Time with Kids



 More than the presents kids need time from their parents. Spending quality time with kids is as important as taking care of their other needs. You cannot escape spending time with your kids merely by providing your kids with all that they need. Your time is most important to them. Even more than the gifts or the toy they must have been willing to have for longer. Spending quality time with kids makes your kid feel loved and desired. They love all the attention they get from their parents. Kids love to share their little joys and sorrows with their parents. Sharing such moments make them feel desired and they love every bit of the attention they get from their parents.

But then, we are so busy with our lives and work schedules that we hardly get time for spending some quality time with our kids. And when we do, we cannot decide how to spend the best time with them. Having some ideas to spend time with your kids would be really great where the child gets the attention they require and it makes them happy finally.

Going for a Walk :

My favorite way of spending time with my kids is holding their hands and going for a walk. Then, we talk about the things they want to talk and hear. Don’t make the walks educative all the times. Let the kids speak whatever they wish to share with you. Answer their questions which most of the times we tend to avoid. Let them feel that they are the center of your attention at this time.


Doing Chores Together :

Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids help you in baking the cake they so much love to eat or just cleaning their room with you or making their bed on some night? This activity will make your child happy as well as feeling responsible and proud.

Indulge in some DIY activities:

Kids love to see how some beautiful and useful things can be made with the help of some used things. You can take help from some TV program or some book. There are plenty of DIY ideas available which are easy yet useful. Making a pen stand for their room or a wall mirror with some decorative would sure bring an extra smile on the faces of your kids.

Playing a Game :

The game here does not refer to a video game, that kids can do alone better and as we are always battling to keep them away from the screen here we must make sure to get into some real game. Which can be some board games if indoor and amongst the outdoors my favorite is cricket and football with my boys. The kids love to play with the parents and they tend to learn new and interesting things about the games too.

Water Play :

Kids simply love to play with water and if the weather suits you can also be a part of their water play and allow them to splash water. On a rainy day let them feel the raindrops and dance in the rain with them. It will surely be memorable time kids would remember spending with you.



Play Kids Games :

Up to age, ten kids have their own imaginary games and which are so good to be a part of. Like I have noticed my boys playing a doctor and a patient. Listening to their conversation during this free play is really fun at times. So we can be a part of their game and let them take the lead. This would definitely make the child happy and he would enjoy your company in their free play.

Reading Stories or other books with them:

Take turns to narrate stories and you can also read their favorite book or any book they want you to read for them or with them. Kids love to narrate imaginative stories and you can see the sparkle in their eyes when they find you listening patiently and with interest to their stories.

Likewise, there are so many other ways through which you can connect with your kids. Just sit around when they are playing, lend an ear to whenever they wish to tell you something. Listen to their day stories or anything they have to share one on one. Spending time with kids is always important and favorable to positive parenting.





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