Shoja Himachal Pradesh

Some places make you forget the world you belong to. Where you can just lose yourself and forget everything for some time. Shoja in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh is one such place. A quiet and picturesque location, off the high way leading to Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. You will only find one or two properties as your night retreat here. And the mornings could be as wonderful as one can imagine. You will wake up to the sounds of chirping birds and the calm and beautiful nature around. Sit back at the balcony of your room sipping a cup of tea and soak in the beauty that you get to see and feel around. At Shoja one can jot down a few lines on Nature easily even if you are not a writer as Nature’s beauty is so mesmerizing.

Places of Interest around:

There are the waterfall and a fort near Shoja which are places of interest for a tourist. You will see beautiful rhododendrons and oak forests on your way towards the waterfall. One should be there after a comfortable nature’s walk. Although, the trail is a little rough for the people who are not used to walking in the hills. Once you are at the waterfall you can take a dip in the ice-cold water if you love taking this risk or you can just stay by for a while and enjoy the waterfall and its captivating surroundings. Another trail you can take for your hiking around is 6kms from Jalori pass. It’s a B’ful and serene Sariolsar lake. It’s a small natural lake which is worth a visit, there’s also a small temple nearby the lake which is said to be of a Nag Devta (serpent God) and local people hold a strong faith in him. You can see beautiful grasslands and a nice bird’s eye view around while you trek up to this lake.

How to reach Shoja:

You can take the road from Aut which is a prominent station on Chandigarh-Kullu Road. If you want to halt in between you can halt at Mandi the main town before Aut as there are many good hotels and properties which would cater to your requirement and start your journey next day towards Shoja. If traveling by Air the nearest Airport is Bhuntar -Kullu which is almost 60 km from the airport.

Best time to travel:

Best time to travel to Shoja-Kullu is from mid- April to June end, however, one can always travel up to this place except for peak winter season. As winter here is quite harsh and the pass at Jalori remains closed if there’s a snowfall. During the monsoon, there are chances of unexpected roadblocks so that would be a chance you will take if you travel during this time.